Where to use your moisture alarm.

Place the water alarm in the best spots to protect your building.

The Water Alarm is small and discreet enough to use in every and any water problem spots your home may have. Unlike other alarms, the Water Alarm conserves battery energy up to one year and has an alarm loud enough that you'll hear it through the entire house - even if it's deep inside the utility room in the basement.

All of the Water Alarm products are sensitive enough to pick up the slightest moisture and alarm you of it's presence. Set your mind at ease when you use our water damage protection products.

There's no wiring, no assembly--placing the original Water Alarm is the simplest way to avoid the destructive nigmate of water damage.

Avoid tub overflow with Water Alarm, it's small enough to set in any unused corner of the bathroom.

Eliminate water heater bursts by detecting moisture at the first sign of leakage.

The Water Alarm is small enough to fit beside your dishwasher, watching for the water leak you can't see.

Set the Water Alarm next to your washing machine and catch the water leaks as they happen!

Under cabinet sink leaks are a common source of water damage to expensive cabinetry. Using a Water Alarm alerts you at the first sign of moisture.

A leaky or overflowing toilet can cause major floor, wall and cabinetry damage. The water alarm detects even the smallest amounts of moisture, so you can avoid mold growth!

We offer the best products in water and moisture alarms, the Most Affordable Protection from Property Damage. View our line of automatic water shut-off valves! Shut down the water right when the Water Alarm detects it and save your property from expensive water damage.