Valve Screamer Motorized Valve Auto Shut off 1″


GSN11; Valve Screamer Motorized Valve Auto Shut off 1″ (632930334506)


The Valve Screamer™ Motorized Valve Auto Shut Off (GSN11) stops flooding from leaky pipes or faulty water heaters by closing a motorized valve and preventing the flow of water when moisture is detected.  Moisture is detected by a sensor pad connected directly to the Valve Screamer™.  This is a point of use solution that can be upgraded to a whole house solution when necessary by adding the Flood Screamer®.  If used in conjunction with the Flood Screamer® Wireless Water Alarm System (GSN0A), moisture may be detected through wireless sensors placed strategically throughout the premises.


  • Automatic shut off of water when moisture is detected by attached sensor
  • Easy one-button on/off control of the motorized valve
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • External power loss alert
  • Compatibility with the Flood Screamer® for whole house protection
  • Up to 200’ wireless signal range when used with the Flood Screamer® (line of sight, individual results will vary.  Each wall the signal passes through may impede it by 50′)
  • Wall-mount holes
  • One year warranty


Kit Contains:

  • One Valve Screamer™ valve controller
  • One Valve Screamer™ 1 inch female thread NPT stainless steel motorized ball valve
  • One sensor pad
  • One power supply
  • One wall mount kit


Additional information

Weight 0.774 kg
Dimensions 13.3 × 11.43 × 11.43 cm

black, white


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