How Our Water Leak Alarm Works - Home Water Alarm Demo

On carpet, window sills, under sinks, or anywhere you might have a problem with water leaks, our Water Alarm will out-do them all!.

Though it may look a little strange, the design of the original Water Alarm allows it to be the most moisture-sensitive, compact and indestructible water leak alarm on the market. It's unique bell tower amplifies the alarm so it can sound longer and louder than any other alarm.

The four stainless steel legs can detect moisture at the first sign of leakage before any property flood damage can occur. They sink deep into carpet, fabric or other materials and detect water. Inferior water leak alarms need up to an inch of water above the carpet before they detect any water leak. Don't risk the high cost of water damage repair to your home or business to inferior alarms, trust the original Water Alarm. All of the Water Alarm products are sensitive enough to pick up the slightest moisture and alarm you of it's presence. Set your mind at ease when you use our water damage protection products.

The average home has 280 feet of copper water pipe, a leak isn’t a matter of ‘IF’ it’s ‘WHEN’. Be prepared with the Original and Best water leak detection equipment on the market! Find out more about our wireless home water leak alarm system!